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HOT Bars - Mobile Solution for Cold Days

What Do We Offer?

HOT Bars are mobile bars that bring warmth and comfort directly to you. Perfect for outdoor events, corporate events, or family celebrations, our bars offer a wide range of hot drinks.

Why HOT Bars?

By choosing our mobile bars, you not only get unique drinks but also a unique atmosphere and professional service. We’ll create a cozy space for you and your guests, where everyone will find something for themselves.

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Our Warming Specialties

Every Drink is a Story Full of Flavor and Warmth
Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Classic, rich, and creamy, our hot chocolate is a real treat for the palate. Perfect for those looking for a sweet, warming drink.

Mulled Wine

Our mulled wine, prepared with the best varieties and a mix of spicy spices, is the perfect way to warm up on cold days.

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

An excellent alternative for those who want to avoid alcohol. Equally aromatic and warming as traditional mulled wine.


Strong and warming, our grog is a mix of hot water, rum, sugar, and lemon - perfect for frosty evenings.

Warming Teas

We offer a variety of tea blends, both classic and special herbal mixes, perfect for warming up.

Classic Teas

For traditionalists, we have a wide selection of classic teas, perfect for any occasion.

Hot Lemonades

Our hot lemonades are a refreshing alternative to traditional drinks. Ideal for those looking for something new and unusual.

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